Can I Be Evicted If I Can't Pay Full Rent?


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I would definately call your landlord and make payment arrangements.  Most landlords I am sure would be understanding if its not an every month thing.  It's good to be honest about the situation.  Things happen to everyone.  I would also check around some times there are things in your community that the state you live in offers that can help you pay your rent once, etc.  I would maybe try calling your local dept. Of workforce services and look into those types of resources.  If for some reason you do get an eviction notice I would contact your local housing authority or an attorney to see what your states laws say about that.  Each state is different I am sure.  There are attorneys that offer free consultations you can look into and get advice from them.  Good luck, hope this helps a little.
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All depends on the land lord,he could take it out of your sec deposit,you would still owe so if he is going to evict you for 350.00 one way it wouldn't psy to use the security deposit but you need to discuss this with the land lord and show you are a stand up kind a guy....hope all goes well  
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Really, I think it is up to them to be able to do that, but in most cases they should charge a late fee for being late first. Call your landlord/tenant board in your area, and talk to them about it. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Well they can but since you have been up to date they might give you a extra fine or something sorry I can't help much more but that's what I know
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yes you can be avicted if you don't pay yo rent they may evitct  you sooner than you think you say you been going 8 months >
you better have a back up plan
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IF you live in Cobleskill, N.Y. You can play games with the landlord for MONTHS! I am now in the process of evicting a tenant who is 4 months behind in rent. I just paid a lawyer $900.00, but with no guarantee that the Court will evict with speed, nor will they necessarily make the tenant pay rent, if he gets an extension. Bottom line, I can be out THOUSANDS and will have to sue civilly to collect. I'd be happy to just these people out!
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Yes and sometimes it really depends on the land lord because whoa some can be very difficult persons.
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There is little difference between being able and being willing.  The rents not paid.  You agreed to pay it...Rough water ahead
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Well I am usualy on time have a good repor with my landlord I paid 700.00 out of the 1150.00 but am waiting ona nother check since the payroll dept messed up. I am nmovong a few minths anyway

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