Can My Landlord Evict Me For Being Less Than 1/2 Month Late On Rent?


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The landlord has to give you a reasonable amount of time to pay, even if that means a late fee which complies with statutory limits.  In this economic climate, it is ridiculous for a landlord to evict if you are less than a month late.  If you want to stay you can battle the landlord in court, and he may NOT be entitled to attorney's fees as for one month, the matter should be brought in small claims court.  Do your homework.  While EVERYONE want to be paid on time, we did not create this economic failure that we are forced to deal with.
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It could be legal to some extent because you didn't tell him when you had to pay. In any case you would informed him about your delays. But sometimes it depends what kind of land you have. So I would suggest this if possible find a better place to stay because even if after payment, you wont be at peace. Thank you
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If you did not pay your rent on time, he can issue a 3 day pay or quit notice. If you still do not pay, he can file eviction papers. It is your word against his that you had a verbal agreement that he would give you an extension.
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The law varies from state to state. Yes a landlord can evict you on late payment of the rent. It doesn't matter if you are 15 days late or 1 month late. You now have right of defense and can present the facts in the court. You can be saved and remained on the property if you pay full rent at once.
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Yes! Your landlord can proceed with an eviction notice one day after rent is due. But first, he must give you a 3 days to pay rent or quit. This means pay the rent in full. But if your landlord accepts your partial rent payment with one hand, with the other hand, landlord can hand you another 3 day to pay rent or quit. My guess is this was done othewise, you would not have received a summons for unlawful detainer to appear in court. But if not, I feel sorry for your landlord for being naive

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