If Our Rent Is Paid In Full,can We Be Evicted When We Are Month To Month Tenants?


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If you wrote a check on the wrong account and it was returned and the landlord does not resubmit it. And you do not find this out until the 9th on which you give a new checik andoffer a cashiers check. They accept the new check but have not cashed it. Can they evict me without that second chance to pay the rent in california by the way
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On a month to month, landlord can evict with "NO CAUSE"...be nice
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I paid rent now he said I have 7 days to get out just because they want to remodel what do I do?
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No you allready paid and as long as you have the receipt to prove it they will look like they are evicting you out of malice and not because you didn`t try to pay.
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Eviction is basically the removal of a tenant(s) from rental property, by a law enforcement officer. Normally, a landlord is required to win an eviction lawsuit or obtain from a court the right of removal of tenants from rental property. Eviction laws are not exactly the same in every jurisdiction and can vary from state to state, in the United States as well as within other countries.    There are usually two types of evictions: termination with cause and termination without cause. Normally, the law requires the landlord to have delivered in person a notice to quitor a notice to vacate the property when there are grounds for termination for cause. The notice contains the date and time of removal. The common causes are non-payment of rent and non-compliance with the lease, which is called, breach of lease. When a tenant is guilty of non-payment for several months or are committing some criminal activity,  the landlord can post what is called an unconditional quit notice, which means there is no other resolution except eviction.    Tenants can be evicted without cause, if there is no lease/a formal signed document or if, there is a lease, which is expiring, However, in such cases a 1-3 month notice is normally required, to be given by the landlord. In jurisdictions, in which there are just cause controls this type of eviction may be illegal and unenforcible.    I do not know in what jurisdiction you live, nor do I know the landlord's cause for eviction. I have given you information related to evictions in general, and the most common causes for evictions. I suspect, if you are paying month to month, you may not have a formal signed lease. If, this is the case then you would contact the local Department for Rent Control to ask if, there are just cause eviction controls,in the jurisdiction, in which you live. If these controls exist the possibility exists for the landlord to be unable to evict you, as long as your monthly rent is paid on time. Good Luck!
If you don't  no longer have a lease do management have to first serve you with an eviction notice before  having you put out.  I owed no rent money I wanted to move so I didn't  renew my lease  but I wasn't able to find a new place before they put me out which was almost a year  ago and I'm still homeless
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Without a leas you are on a month to month tenancy. Therefore, the landlord would give you a 30 day notice that he is terminating your tenancy. After the 30 day period has expired and you are still in the premises, the landlord can begin eviction proceedings against you. In New York State, if you pay the rent after the expiration date but before landlord files the court papers, the termination is voided. This is because the tenancy has been continued for another month by his acceptance of your rent money after the expiration of the termination but before the filing of court papers
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There are several different things that can elicit an eviction. You might have your rent paid, but do you have a lot of complaints from other tenants about noise? Do you not respect the rules for tenant responsibilities. stuff like that. Depending on where you live, also can play into it.
In some states you can be evicted if the owner wants to move into that apartment, or a member of his/her family, if they want to remodel the apartment. Talk to the landlord and get a clear definition of what this is for, and then talk to someone who deals with landlord/tenant law. Good luck.

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