How Long Does It Take To Evict People In Maryland?


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In the State of Maryland there is no "waiting" period. When a tenant is fails to pay rent the landlord can immediately go and file in District Court. Right at the time of filing they are given a court date. At the court date both parties have to show up. I have never seen a situation where the judge does not give "judgement of restitution (eviction)" when money is due on the rent. The landlord then has to wait 4 days before filing for the actual eviction and must file within 60 days. The tenant has the right to "redeem' the lease all the way up to the date of eviction. In Maryland the tenant can only redeem three times in a 12 month period. On the fourth eviction process the tenant has no right to redeem and will be actually evicted no matter what.
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The law in all states say at least 30 days, do you owe or does someone owe you rent, the best to you...

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