What Are My Responsibilities Being A Tenant? Please Explain Me The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Tenant In Detail.


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Being a tenant you should have to write down all of the important points related to the matters of your tenancy. You, as a tenant must keep and maintain a file containing all of the papers and receipts regarding your tenancy. You must keep all of the records of leases, any sort of cancelled deals, and also the mails written to or received from your owner. Do not trust the oral agreements and deals; keep all the record of deals in form of written agreement with you.

If you do not agree to any point in the lease then you can alter that after negotiation with the owner and this change must be written on the lease. So, this is another advice that never forget to write down all of the changes made in the lease. Besides recording all the lease changes, keep the record of the requests you ever made to the owner, the actions and the agreements against that request must also be written in your file.

Keep this file at a safe place so that to minimize the chances of being lost and so that this file can easily be used for reference in future. It is the possibility that your landlord or the owner is unaware of certain law, if you find this situation then do tell him or check the law again.
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I should maintain a true and correct a tenant I should not cheet any higher authorities.I should maintain a special copy of all the records.if I do this activity I can escape from many false activities.iam very proud to be a part of the tenant.
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This is very important. If you have any agreements with your owner, make sure you have a paper confirmation signed by both of you. Honestly, I would truly recommend you to use such agencies as, for example, Royal York Property Management. They do all paperwork for you and you can not worry about being fooled. Everything is according to the law and everything is clear.

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