Can You Expunge A Record Filed Against You From CPS?


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Yes with a very ,very good lawyer!! (most lawyers do not want to except these cases) It is not a easy thing to do because CPS has their own laws that (by their own admission) and they are proud to say that they do not go by the U.S Constitution! It is hard to believe but because of cruel crimes and negligence the government made CPS (Child Protective Services) laws extremely vague so they can come snatch your child without any notice just by hear say without investigation. Please go to website, families fighting Thousands of children are more hurt than helped by this flawed system. Do not trust government sites or any one that works or is contracted out by them. The county that snatches your child or children (0 to 16 yrs.) get a lot of federal funding and even more money the more prescription drugs they decide along with doctors their mental evaluations that they WILL put you and the innocent children through, to always find anything they can label you, your children with. The people that contract for CPS most of the time would like to make more money SO THEY ALWAYS FIND SOMETHING WRONG TO BRAINWASH these children. "If your married go into to court UNITED AS ONE no matter what or your children will be brainwashed, hurt and very scared"! "The 1st court hearing will determine IF and when you ever get to see your children again (unimaginable, right?). Once they get your children, it will be the fight of your life to get them back! If you have marriage issues, come together speaking highly of each other, with a great lawyer...  Put on the act of your life and deal with marriage issues later. If your spouse has molested your child and you stay with that person, you will lose them. You deserve to. If that is the case and you are seriously ready to go through at least a year of counseling, you may, get to see your children again.It will not be soon.Your childrens lives are literary at stake!

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