If I Have A Criminal Record Sealed/expunged Who Can Look Up That Sealed/expunged Record?


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The FBI may be the only ones who may still have access to those records. What happens is when a case is expunged it will be erased from the court's systems, police departments, or any departments that you were involved with. No one will be able to look it up. The court's may be able to but cannot disclose any information.
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The courts can see your record was expunged but cannot by law disclose any information. Judges,attorneys,court clerks, police officers, fbi,cia,president anyone can see u have a sealed record but cannot say anything, also if u have a criminal back ground check done it will not say if ur name is ran by the police it will not say thats the whole point of a sealed/expunged record, but if they absolutely need to know that info they can get it easily. Hope this helps!
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Only the court can look in sealed records no can see expunged records unless you apply for a job in law enforcement

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