Does A Police Caution Show Up On A Criminal Record Bureau Check?


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If I am asked on Uk student application , Do I have criminal record?, knowing that I have police caution, what do I have to answer, Yes or NO. Its very important for me to know
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It could yes but depends on how listed
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A shoplifting charge can be downgraded to a disorderly persons misdemeanor which is contingent upon the number of times the individual engaged in the same criminal act. However even the later will be a part of their criminal history until enough time has lapsed w/o further C/A and if they get the matter expunged
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Actually the information they use is from one particular resource, so they use the same database to receive the information of an individual one for a criminal record.

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The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has taken over from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), so criminal record checks are now often called ‘DBS checks’

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Not that I know of.  There is no Bureau.  Police keep what is called a police contact sheet on people.  When folks have contact with police, they can reference it to see if they have talked with you before.  Records about arrests, initial complaints weather complain ted or not show up on the county records data base which you can access for free at the court house.  Get directions from records clerk  Hope I helped here


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