If You Move From One State To Another Does Your Criminal History Show Up If You Apply For A Job And They Do A Background Check?


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Yes it does. Wear ever you use your social security number it will show up
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It depends on the background check service that is used, mine did not follow me when checked through the State Police ICHAT in MI.
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Yes it does,  actually you are moving from one state to another not you are changing country. Where ever you go your record will follow. It is only possible with the help of technology. If you change your country then also your background will be caught with in a week or more then that. So you can't get rid of it quite easily.

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When you're arrested and charged with a crime, a record of the event is entered into the database that local and state law enforcement agencies use to monitor the criminal records of various members of the public.

This has changed decisively. If you have a criminal record, it's now impossible to outrun it for any sustained period of time. Once you take up residency in a new state, your local motor vehicle bureau will be able to see all of the vehicular infractions in which you've been involved during the past several years.

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