What Happens When You Go To Jail - Step By Step. What Is Done To You?


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Going to prison can be a daunting and scary experience no matter how 'tough' you think you are.

To prepare for incarceration, I'd recommend reading the following information:

What happens when you go to jail Every prison or jail is different, so writing a guide for what to expect when you report to prison is not that straightforward.

The first thing I'd suggest is to do some research into the prison you are going to be held in.

In the UK, the government has a pretty generic-looking website that you may want to have a look at.

  • When a criminal first reports to prison, he or she is given a number.This will help prison officials track the person's files and property.
  • Personal property is confiscated and recorded. There may be some items you are allowed to keep.
  • A health check is mandatory for anyone entering the prison system
  • A reception interview is conducted - you'll probably be asked whether you have any problems with drugs or alcohol that the prison staff should be made aware of.
  • Many prisons have an 'induction' meeting. This will give you the chance to learn about your time in prison and to raise any questions and concerns you may have.
Preparing for prison
My advice if you're entering the prison system is to forget everything you've seen on TV or at the cinema.

Look out for advice on the internet regarding the specific institution you will be held in - every prison is different.

Here are a couple of websites I found interesting:
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What is basicaially done with you is that they take picures of you and they wash you while you are putting your hands against the wall and are standing.
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You should just go to this site and go down the links on the left sidebar - it talks about most everything to expect when you're going to a county jail - Cook County Jail Information

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