Will the US find and DEPORT an INTERNATIONAL student if he's on his country's WANTED list, when they conduct a criminal background check for an employer?


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Employers don't usually report the results of a background check to authorities ... Because they get the information FROM those authorities.

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Extradition is at the request of the country where your citizenship resides and the request goes to the country where you presently reside. If there is a treaty, your extradition is handled in accordance with the terms of the treaty. USA has 100 treaties with foreign countries, and about 92 that dont. Here is the list and a description of the process:

extradition in the USA

Employers dont deport. The Feds dont do background checks unless you are applying for federal service. If you dont want troubles, i suggest you clear up the criminal matter in your home country as employers really dont want criminals as employees, no matter where the offense.

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