Can A Drug Felony Prevent Me From Becoming A Radiology Tech? Or EMT In The State Of Illinois.


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For Rad Tech's if you want to be certified by the ARRT you will need to submit an application, which does include a background check. Here is some more data on that:
All offenses must be reported regardless of how long ago they were committed.
Exceptions are:
• offenses committed while a juvenile and processed in the juvenile court system;
• traffic violations that did not involve drugs or alcohol;
• charges that were dismissed if there were no court conditions required for the dismissal.

All other misdemeanor or felony offenses must be reported, including convictions or charges resulting in a plea of guilty, plea of nolo contendere (no contest), withheld or deferred adjudication, suspended or stay of sentence, pre-trial diversion activity, or military court-martial.

If the Ethics Pre-application Review result is a cleared letter from the ARRT Ethics Committee, you will not be required to resubmit the same offense-related information with any future applications or renewals.

You can find a list of radiology schools and other info. At  Also - keep in mind that not all jobs in radiology require that you be certified by the AART. I would check with schools and medical clinics in your state/city to see what their requirements are.
Good Luck!

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