How Do I Get A Governor's Pardon In Ky To Get A Class D Felony Drug Possession Charge Expunged From My Record?


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Actually for that charge you don't need a pardon--- In Kentucky the only felonies that you can have expunged are drug related charges.  I believe the prerequisites for the expungement are that you successfully complete the probation/parole process and have no other charges for 10 years from that date.  Check on the requirements but I'm positive there is a statute allowing you to have 1 class D felony drug charge expunged in KY.  If you meet the requirements then you just have to get a lawyer and petition the judge to expunge it.  CHECK IT OUT!
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You have to fill out a pardon application. Pardons aren't granted too often, so you will have to make a strong case stating the reasons you need a pardon. You can download the pardon application here.

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