How Can I Get A Felony Conviction Expunged In Kentucky?


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The only real course of action you can take to get a felony conviction expunged in Kentucky is to apply to the Governor for a pardon. Even upon submitting an application for a pardon, there is no real guarantee that your conviction will be expunged.

Some people will never be able to get their convictions expunged, although each application for a pardon will be considered on a case by case basis. It will depend on the severity of the case and whether the individual has ever committed other offences.  If you are in any doubt, it may be best to get in touch with your attorney as they will be able to advise you in whether your conviction can be expunged.

Felony convictions cannot usually be totally expunged, although some lowest level felony offences such as possession of Class D drugs can be. In addition, spousal abuse can also be expunged if the case ends up being dismissed or acquitted.  According to a 1996 law, it is a judge’s discretion whether to expunge federal or misdemeanor cases that resulted in dismissal or acquittal.

Some other convictions can be expunged around five years after the individual was released from jail. These include misdemeanor convictions. 

People may want to get their convictions expunged if it is affecting their chances of getting a job or if they are worried about the stigma that is attached to the conviction.
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My husband just went to an attorney to get his 12 year old felony expunged and they said that kentucky does not allow felony expungements.  He was a first time offense and not had any other offenses after that.  He only served 90 days in a county jail and got out for good behavior.  So this crap will follow him wherever he goes and is stuck working crappy jobs when he deserves so much more, he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time with crappy friends and got mixed up into stuff that he shouldnt have been charged in the first place.

I hate KY!
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For a felony, you need to apply for a pardon.  Also, it is our congressmen who we must in office that can make a difference in these laws.  BEFORE you vote make certain the person you are supporting believes in giving second changes to those that have made a mistake.  If all of us did this we could get the law changed.  After a person does their time, then they should not have to suffer the rest of their lives for a past mistake.
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17.142 Segregation of criminal records.

Our 1992 statute says judges, must expunge misdemeanor convictions five years after completion of the person's sentence if the applicant has no other criminal violations within that time.

Felony convictions are not eligible to be expunged, except for Class D possession of a controlled substance -- the lowest felony level.

A 1996 law says that judges have discretion whether to expunge misdemeanor or felony cases that result in dismissals or acquittals. The exception is spousal abuse, which judges must expunge if the charges are dismissed or end in acquittal. Former Jefferson District Judge Paul Gold, who wrote the 1996 expungement statute for dismissed cases, said he intended to give judges a choice so that cases dismissed on a technicality could be expunged at discretion and those dismissed on the merits and improperly charged in the first place.

Under expungement law, felony cases dismissed with prejudice -- meaning the charges can't be refiled -- are eligible to be erased. But felony diverted cases are classified as only "dismissed-diverted," leaving open the question of whether expungement applies causing confusion.

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According to the McCracken County Attorney "Good Luck" with that. At the moment Felony Expungement is not allowed. You can petition the Governor for a pardon though. I had some Misdemeanors five years ago and I am even having a hard time getting them expunged.
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A felony is never erased, and I don't think a conviction can be expunged, especially one you served time for.  Usually expungements are for first offenses and not felonies.  I would research Kentucky laws, but I can tell you from what I know of the laws they really suck, pardon my language, but I have some close friends in Kentucky and that COMMONWEALTH crap is for the birds.
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I really suggest you check with the authorities (the official site for criminal records for Kentucky is ) on this...

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