Can You Get A First Offence Drug Charge Expunged Off Your Record In Tennessee?


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It depends on the quantity and the type of drug you was busted for
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Once in your life you can ask for a trial by diversion in tn but a lawyer has to do it and if you stay out of trouble for a year then they can clear your record
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If it was a felony probably not, but you might have a chance if it was a misdemeanor.  My best advice would be is to contact your lawyer or Public Defender and ask them if there is any way that your case can be taken back to court to get a fair hearing so that you can have the opportunity to ask the judge if there is anyway or anything you can do (comm. Service) in order to barter with them so that they might take it off your record.
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Did you receive youthful offender status? How long ago was it? those are a couple of key factors that will play a huge role in the judges decision.
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