Can I Become A Lawyer With A Felony Record?


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nettie answered
Yes you can have all records expunged, ALL even down to records in the DAs office if you know anything about the judge shows on TV Judge Joe Brown has told the public about his life and jail time and how he turned his life around went to college and became a judge, so with hard work it can happen, just decide this is what you want and go for it, you have to have ALL records expunged before you can even get into a college.....the best to you I don't know you but I know you can do it......the best to you
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Calvin Chien answered
Judge Brown is a great precedent.
I also have a friend who did 2 yrs in CA state prison.
Since his release, he became a successful entrepreneur & is getting his Juris Doctorate, class of 2013.
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Jon answered
From what I can tell, only in California. My research shows most all other states have it on their books that you cannot take the bar exam with a felony on your record.

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