Can I Get Licensed As An Engineer With A Felony?


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I have been searching online for this exact same information, and I finally have had to contact the NCEES to ask them directly because there just doesn't seem to be a lot of information about this particular subject.  I think there are some things that may work to your benefit.  As with anything, it probably varies from state to state.  That's obvious.  Then, it also probably depends on what area of engineering you're specializing in.  And lastly, the age and type of felony may also have some bearing on the matter.  From what I've seen on the NCEES website, obtaining an Engineering License seems to mostly be about passing examinations and having a degree in an Engineering Specialty.  Getting hired as a felon is an entirely different obstacle when it comes to professional fields.  I highly encourage you to explore the options of having the record sealed, or expunged, or find out everything you can about clemency or a pardon.  That's going to make things much easier for you as far as making yourself employable.I think your best bet would be, however to contact the NCEES as I have, and find out for yourself.

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