Can You Become A Social Worker With A Criminal Record?


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Most people with the social care or service sector would need you to declare your criminal record, as Police Checks or CRBs are most certainly done in every case of employment within this service/authority. This is completed in order to protect the community from dangerous people as it is a sector where you will be in contact with children, the elderly, mentally challenged and disabled citizens.
Qualifications are also a factor in Social Work, and at least three years of training/college is normally required. This may also depend on state to state but there are several that have programs that you can have your record sealed (except for child abuse & murder).
Each state is different for example the state of Arizona & California requires a seven-years clean record. As you have a criminal record you leave yourself exposed to constant checks by authorities. There is however Troubled Youth programs as well as Women & Men’s facilities who like to hire people that have previously turned their life around.
It is certainly not helpful having something like this on your record as this will have to be disclosed and no doubt explained at every turn in your career when you are applying for a new role.
Afterall we should give everyone a second chance considering if they have gone through a correctional institution and we have embraced a non-judgemental approach to working with marginalised young people with complex issues. We all make mistakes but we need to see how we deal with this before we give people a second chance in an organisation or workforce before they enter back into society.
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Yes, why not every person not a criminal from birth. Some time situation make him that. So if a person want to improve his/her mistake then let him/her be. If a criminal want to be a social worker for the guilty then why not. Thank you.

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Many people who employ social workers don't want ones with criminal backgrounds for obvious reasons.
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Professional Fitness Requirements

The professional fitness requirement may have several components. Sometimes it’s just a matter of answering questions and consenting to a background check. In some states, fingerprints are required. Social workers who have been licensed in other jurisdictions will need to have their state board(s) fill out license verification forms.

A criminal conviction or past infraction does not always mean that licensure will be denied. It can depend on the seriousness of the crime and other circumstances or mitigating factors.

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