I Have A Class 4 Felony Warrant Out For My Arrest In The State Of Arizona, I Live In Alabama, The Warrant Is For Forgery, Although I Do Not Feel I Did Anything Illegal And I Need To Get An Attorney, Will They Extradite Me From Alabama To Arizona..?


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Yes, that is a bad situation, I feel for you if you did not do anything illegal. However law is blind, and so even if you don't feel that you did anything, if you technically did you will still be charged. As for the extradition question, it is likely that they would, since it is a felony warrant. It is mainly whether the Arizona court wants you extradited, because they will have to pay for it. You should be able to call the D.A. In the county where the warrant is filed and ask them what the status is on your case, and whether they would extradite you, and possibly even get the DA to drop it. Without bringing your case to the D.A.'s attention it is just a file in the drawer though. Also of course if you do draw attention to the case it could backfire on you, so you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Good Luck!
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Yes they will my boy friend was in NY and he got pulled over they ran is print boom it came up they extradite him to arizona now hes locked up ....even if you get an attorney they can't do nothing what will happen is they will come and identify you and said yes thats the guy they will prove its you its better if you go freely go  the longer you take to go the worse it gets my boy friend warrant was issue in 2004 he got pulled over in 09 the judge is pissed they take it as your guilty that why you are running all I can say stay out of trouble cause the prisons and jail in AZ is the worst trust me you never want to go there it very racist theres lots of Spanish there and they will f**k you up sp make sure you stay any from 50

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