The state of Virginia issued a fugitive from justice warrant on my friend after he was caught shoplifting. He has a Failure to appear in Delaware on a felony charge . He did not know about the court date. Will Delaware come and get him for the failure to appear?


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Can he prove he didn't know about the court day. And by proof I mean was he not living at the same address does he have rent pay receipts or motel receipts for the time period he was gone. Was he sick in the hospital does he have those bills with the date on it. If yes great if no well that sucks. Either way he has to turn himself in to virginia state authorities or go to delaware somehow and turn himself in to deleware state authorities. If he has the documentation to prove he hands it in when he turns himself in if not just wait out until bail is offered. Get a bail bond if you can't  afford it yourself and a state appointed lawyer since its usually free depending on your income. Best of luck to your friend.

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