Where Can I Find Free Criminal Records Search Without Paying?


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Most states have internet access to criminal records for no fee. I've found that it's harder in some states than others to find those sites, but with a little diligence they're not too aweful hard to find.
what state are you interested in? I'll try to help ;)
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I don't know about in the USA, but in the UK you can't do that. A person's criminal record is confidential. If you want to know what he has been convicted of, you should ask him. If he won't tell you, you should find a different boyfriend, because this one is a waste of time. If you can't trust him to tell you the truth, there is no point in trying to have a relationship with him.
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You can can the local police department and ask for a printout. I believe you have to mail a letter with his name and DOB and then sign. If the person is not a USA citizen then you can tell them you need it for Immigration (there is a specific name you can ask them when you call) If they are a USA citizen you can still get one and I think it may cost 10.00
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Go to the courthouse. You can get a copy of his last sentencing report within 30 days. The report will include his criminal history and all kinds of info about him. You probably will have to pay for the copying of the report but it should be a small fee.
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I believe you can also pay for a criminal background check.  Their are some cheap sites out there.  But, you can try the court house and see if they will tell you why he was arrested.  Also, most arrests, are usually in the local newspaper, usually listed in the police blotter or arrest blotter, etc.  If he has you down as a contact for the jail, you can be non-chalant and ask what was he arrested for etc.  They may tell you that way.  Good-Luck.
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There are many such sites where you can find people those who have criminal record, but the list will be shown state wise or country wise. You should be clear in which area you are looking for criminal record.

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In Ga...I'm trying to find a free 1..because I found Out my childs Father lied...about everything..including his age...name...ect...please help
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Go into the court docket of the place one was charged at...... All the info on the case should be there.

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