Explaine the constitutional rights of criminal justice employees i the area of search and seizures? And Explain how the free exercise of religion can pose problems for criminal justice administrators?


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Mostly depends on whether person is arrested o not as to hwp search and seizure works, as if arrested , authorities are allowed to search and seize anything illegal found on arrestees body and car or immediate area or can agree to a search if not arrested if asked, and then authorities can seize anything found and could then be arrested, A search and seizure warrant is needed to search any other area outside the arrest zone like home if not arrested at home, and other areas directly related to the crime or arrestee. Admins only have to worry if arrestee is claiming any religious efense so they must find out if the religious excuses hold any legal merit. I could go on forever here but wont so hope this helps some but send questions directly to me if you have anymore

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