What Are The 5 Pillars Of Criminal Justice System? Give Each Meaning?


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The only country I know of that uses the 'Five Pillars of Criminal Justice' is the Philippines.

These 5 pillars are used during the investigation and prosecution of suspected offenders and villains.  This is to check that all parts of the judicial system are working as they should be.  If anyone of these is found not to be, Filipinos would refer to it as "Wala tayong maasahan na hustisya" meaning it has become dysfunctional.

These are the 5 Pillars of the Criminal justice System and their meanings:


This means, people, people's organizations who provide help and care to any victims of the crime.

Law Enforcement

To ensure that crimes are investigated and to determine if there has been a crime committed and to retain offenders.

Prosecution Service

Deals with the criminal case in court and evaluates inquest evidence to determine a charge of guilty or not guilty.


The court that is put in charge of trying the case and issuing final judgement.

Correctional System

Such as prisons or rehabilitation services - the overall job is to enable a criminals reintoduction into the community and back to their loved ones.

Overall this 5 Pillar System is designed to protect the victim and to allow offenders a second chance to re-enter society as a contributing citizen.

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It will be difficult to answer your question without knowing which country you are talking about, as each country's justic system is organised in a different way. I  don't know of any country which talks about '5 pillars' except the Phillippines, but if you can confirm the country name it will be possible to do a more exact search. Please try a new and more detailed question.

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