What societal trends that will impact the criminal justice system over the next ten years?


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Crime rates increasing and prison over crowding
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Ben Tiessen , Feminism mistreating males (or higher income partners), answered

Every day men lose more freedoms due to feminists proposing and creating laws that force them to pay.

A few laws that have been created recently in Canada (B.C.):

If you have sex with a girl while she is drunk (even if you are drunk), and the next day she says she didn't want to have sex you are a rapist and can go to jail.

If you live with someone for more than 2 years then you decide to split up, the person with the higher income has to pay alimony as if they were married.

If you are interested in more information and would like to get involved check out:

A Voice For Men

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Tough question...one that has been posed since a caveman broke into a cave and swiped another caveman's fur suit while he was asleep. The definition of a crime is established by the majority of social government's perception of right and wrong. In our case, we have courts, higher courts, and a supreme court. The justices of these courts are often appointed by governors or presidents. Both governors and presidents represent political and social ideals. Our American criminal justice system is impacted by those political and social ideals. Example, the death penalty...favored by conservatives and reviled by liberals. The "three strikes and you're out laws"....commit three offenses and its automatic prison. Favored by conservatives and rejected by liberals. Therefore, you can virtually predict that our criminal justice system will essentially go with the political flow. Crime may eventually be curtailed by medical technology and genetic engineering. However, until that happens, crime will continue and punishment will depend on who is in office.
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Private prisons
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The islamanization of america and american schools while denying christian students the right to pray and giving muslims the right to pray inside schools using public property while denying the right to display  the ten commandments,the american flag,or a nativity on public school grounds.
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Death penalty brought back to reduce prison populations of criminals capable of murder,armed robbery,rape.to reduce tax spending and crime rates.

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