What Is An Example Of Fact-based Report Writing? How Does This Affect The Initiatives Of Effective Communication Within The Criminal Justice System? What Might Happen If An Emphasis Were Not Placed On Fact-based Report Writing Among Criminal Justice


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Fact based report writing can be used when writing about just about anything. Fact based report writing is most commonly used within the crime sector; for example a police officer producing a report on a crime they have witnessed/ dealt with.

The basics behind fact based reports are pretty much, as the name suggests, a report which is written purely using actual evidence. There is to be no opinion, point of view, speculation, assumption or guess work in such reports; they are to be constructed of only the facts of the case. This type of report writing is especially important in the area of crime and criminal justice.

An example of the importance could be a police report. These reports can be used as supportive evidence in court. If the officer wrote his report based on speculation or his own point of view rather than actual facts, it could very easily be incorrect and could therefore result in the jury making a flawed decision.

The conclusion a jury comes to is supposed to be based solely on the evidence heard in the courtroom. If an officer writes their report based on the speculative opinion of external people, the evidence heard by the jury is not going to be based on proven facts. If this code of practice was acceptable, it could be argued that there would be many more cases of false imprisonment or even an increasing number of real criminals being incorrectly let off.

Fact based report writing is therefore a very important feature of the criminal justice sector. Without it, accurate sentencing would be impossible and there would be increased scope for corruption.

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