What Are The Points Of Distinction Between Civil And Criminal Justice?


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The purpose of Civil Justice is to implement the rights. The object of criminal justice is to punish the wrongs. The process is provided by the Civil Procedure Code. The Code of Criminal process deals with the criminal matters.    Civil Justice is dealing with in civil proceedings. Criminal Justice is dealing with in criminal measures. Victim sues in the civil courts. Victim files objection in the criminal courts civil justice deals with wrongs of private (civil) nature i.e., private wrongs. Criminal justice deals with crimes against society, i.e., public wrongs. Civil wrongs are no injurious as they disobey the rights of private persons only. Crimes are more injurious as they damage the rights of public at large.    In civil dealings private persons are parties. Cases are titles as applicant vs. Defendant. In criminal dealings, state constitutes itself as a party. Cass is titled as the state vs. Accused. In the words of Prof. John Slamond, in a civil dealings, the applicant claims for a right and the court secures it's from him by putting force upon defendant to that end. Whereas according to John Saimond, in a criminal proceeding, the prosecutor asks for no claims but accuses the defendant for a wrong.

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