How Can I Drop Charges?


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Ok...Just because the accuser wants to "drop the
charges," under Florida
law the alleged victim cannot drop charges, If you want to “drop the charges”
you must meet with the State Attorney’s office and explain why charges should
be dropped. They will require that you meet with them. In some cases they may
ask you to attend a class on domestic violence taught at their office. It is
left up to the State Attorney to decide if the charges will be dropped.

State Attorney contact guide for the State of Florida

Legal Disclaimer: The information provided above is not legal
advice. This information is current as of September 15, 2008, as laws change constantly this information may not be current at a future date.
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You have to take that up with the district attorney I believe theres a fee for it. Unless there gun ho to get joe
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You can drop charges but be careful you can be charged for making false statement

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