Where Can I Find A Sample Letter To A Judge Asking To Drop My Son's Public Defender? She Is Not Working In The Best Interest Of My Son. Time Is Running Out.


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NICE STATIONARY, BUSINESS FORM LETTER STYLE. MOST HONORABLE_____? WE Are grateful to have the opportunity to have our day in court. However, I need to make you aware, that my sons lawyer, disregards our defense motions, and is hostile to our suggestions. In fact the relationship between us has degenerated to the point that I feel Ms.? Is no longer objective. Our discourse indicates that she is not willing to listen to, or deal with, our case. We respectfully inquire if it is possible to replace her with an attorney who is capable of giving this case, the attention it requires. We have  fairly realistic expectations, and are willing to cooperate with a lawyer who takes this case seriously. Thank you for your time, bla, bla....respectfully yours
   Mrs. Jane Doe in re:cause #
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Marsden Motion.  Lol Mars demotion.

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