If I Dont Show Up For Court For A Domestic Violence Case. Can I Drop The Charges?


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In most states the answer is that the state will continue to prosecute. I assume they took pictures and a statement from you when the violence occurred.

But, now that I have answered your question, I have one for you. Why would you wish to drop charges against someone that was so mean and cruel that you had to call the police to get protection? It is known and proven that when violence occurs once, it will happen again and again. Each time the victim is hurt just a little worse. Frequently, it ends with a death. If you have children, this is not the life they should be living. Children should not see their mother beat and bloody by the one that is supposed to love and care for her (and them). Young boys learn that it is acceptable to hit women and the girls come to believe that it is normal and ok. It is not normal and it is not ok. Dear, you should be at that court house with bells on when you abusive mate is brought up before the judge. My Mother lived with a beater for 8 years. After each episode he begged forgiveness and pledged his love and swore it would never happen again. It did, over and over again. Please don't let this become the life you are going to live for the rest of you time on this earth! How long will you endure his pushes, his hits and his kicks and his slaps? When will enough be enough??? I truly care what happens to you. Please reconsider your thoughts on dropping the charges!
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Prob not as the charges are not You vs. Abuser.  Is is the people or the state vs. The abuser.
However the case has a much less chance of success without your testimony.
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Yes but sometimes the state will pick it up.
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Yes may be but it can be contempt of court, so take care

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