What Is The Oldest Recorded Case Of Domestic Violence?


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As the definition of domestic violence has changed over times, it may not be that easy. Read the Bible or the Koran, both have instances of men beating their wives in punishment for some infraction. However, at the time of those writings, that was not seen as something wrong, as women were considered property.

As domestic violence can be defined in a non-marital relationship, you would probably have a better chance of finding someone who beat a woman who was not their wife, than a spousal abuse case.

In various places, laws were introduced on how you could beat your wife, how large of a stick you could use.

What might be a better approach is looking at when domestic violence became decriminalized.

Any research on this subject goes hand and hand with women's rights. As women have gained their own statuses (not true world wide) and as they have gained more rights, violence against them has become recognized as inappropriate or unlawful.

I thin Ms. Berry's article may have some validity, but there has also been a lot of work by many, many originations to bring violence against women into the forefront and garner more media attention.

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