Can You Press Charges Against Someone If They Spit On Your Car? I Think That's Road Rage.


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In my opinion, it would be difficult to prosecute someone for spitting on your car.

No matter how annoying or disgusting you might find the act, it's unlikely that a prosecutor will consider it to be in the public interest to spend money taking the offender to court.

However, someone spitting on your car might find themselves charged with a criminal offence if they damage your car, or cause you to fear for your safety.

Can someone be charged for spitting on your car?
Although, technically speaking, spitting on someone's car might constitute a minor offence, police are far too busy dealing with pressing and often life-threatening situations to spend their time responding to minor disputes.

Just think - if an emergency services receptionist isn't interested in forwarding your complaint to a police unit, do you really expect a court of law to entertain the case?

Is someone spitting on your car considered road rage?
You use the term 'road rage' in your answer, but I fear you may be applying the term slightly too loosely. Road rage was a concept first coined during the 1970s and '80s, after a spate of shootings that occurred following roadside disputes between motorists.

Whilst not all road rage incidents involve a firearm, the kind of road rage that police and courts would be interested in prosecuting are far more serious than a bit of saliva on your bonnet.

Having said that, if another motorist acts in a way that makes you feel threatened for your safety - or if they are reckless or aggressive to the point that they risk causing damage or injury - then you'd be perfectly within your rights to call the police (and expect them to pursue the case to the full extent of the law).
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I think you are not going to win this battle. First and foremost, you would have to prove who did it, and secondly, it caused no harm to you or your car.

I think the answer to this one would be a big fat "no".
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I tthink u should be able 2 do something about some one spitting on ur car b/c I'm having the same problem...I think if they spit on ur car they should have 2 clean ur hole car off....

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