How Do I Change My Sons Last Name To His Fathers?


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I recently did a DNA on my son, he has my boyfriends last name right now but he is not his father. So will it be hard for me to change it to his biological fathers last name?
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You can go down to your county registrars office and have it legally changed. Bring your sons birth certificate, social security card, and you and your husbands identification cards with you. You will also need to go to the social security office and have it changed their as well. Good luck.
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Well, it depends of the age of your sons. You can change their names by Deed Poll if they are over 16 years old. Otherwise, you will need a consent from everybody who has a PR (parental responsibility) over the children. Bear in mind that if the father's name is signed in the birth certificates he automatically has a PR, no matter is he part of the children life's or not. Good luck x

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Contact the state office that also deals with birth certificates and they will be able to give you details on how to make the name change. You might also search online for the information and forms you will need to fill out to have this done.
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You can get the minor name change forms you need to legally change your son's last name at [ ].
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First you need to have DNA to make sure that the man you are putting as the father is indeed the biological father. You should not just asume. Then you need to fill out papers for social security and the birth certificate and they need to be certified.

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