How You Can Get A New Birth Certificate?


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I need an address for the birth certificate office an pompano beach.
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To get the birth certificate you must fulfill the following term and conditions:
1. You are yourself requesting for the birth certificate.
2. Your parents or guardian are requesting for the birth certificate. In this case you must provide a proof that you are the guardian or parent of the child.
3. You are requesting the birth certificate by yourself or on the behalf of child's parent or guardian.

4. There must be an application along with signature of parent or guardian if you are requesting on the behalf of parent or guardian.
5. You must be provided your identification like your identity card to get the birth certificate of a child.
6. There must be your photo provided to office along with your application for certificate.
7. If you don't want to give your photo then you must be send some information about your social security card, bank statement, salary slip, billing paid by you or your house rent agreement.
8. Post the form along with documents and recommended fee to the office.
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In order to get a birth certificate you will need to register it at the General Register Office otherwise known as the GRO. It usually takes around 6 working days for applications to go through. It can also be registered online. If you are planning to register online you will need a valid credit or debit card. You will also need to provide your full name and address, email address and the full details of your birth event.

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