I Need To Get My Sons Birth Certificate In Van Nuys Ca Where Do I Go?I Need A Physical Address


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You need to go online to the county in which the birth occurred. You can go to the state site, but It's really slow process, it may take couple of months (maybe year) to get this certificate from CA, or just visit this site: IChecks

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You need to go online to the county in which the birth occurred.  You can go to the state site, but I'm telling you, it takes months sometimes to get this stuff from CA.  The county can usually respond within a couple of weeks, often sooner.  Now, if you are looking for the physical address for the building in which this information is housed, I would still recommend going online, calling the phone number listed and then you can ask them.  It may be that where you go physically to apply for this copy will be in a different building from where they are kept.  The folks on the phone can give you the information you need.  Here is the web site address: Nuys.   Actually I did not see a phone number but I forgot to look.  There is however a physical address provided, I did notice that.  Good luck.

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