Can You Get A United States Birth Certificate Even If You Were Born In Mexico?


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No! To get a United States birth certificate you must be born in the United States of America! You can get citizenship or if your parents are both US citizens yo can still be considered a USA citizen but the birth certificate is available only from the country in which you were born.
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No!because you have to be born in the united states to get a united states birth can get citizenship if  your parents are us citizens. You can still be considered a citizen but only people who are born in the united states can have a united states certificate.the certificate is only available for the country you were born in...
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No because if you are born in Mexico you were born a citizen of Mexico.  You can't get a birth certificate from the u.s. If you were born in another country
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YES, if both of your parents are US citizens, they had to registered your birth at the US Embassy in Mexico. I know because my own niece was born in Mexico, then my sister and her husband did just that, and now she has dual citizenship, I have personally seen the certificate and it reads: "Certificate of Birth Abroad"

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Kyoko Katayama
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A "Certificate of Birth Abroad" is not a US Birth Certificate. To answer this question, you do not have to use the word "citizenship". That is a completely different issue. To get a US Birth Certificate, one has to be born in the US.

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