How Do I Get A Free Death Certificate?


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A death certificate is a document issued by a government official such as a registrar of vital statistics that declares the date, location and cause of a person's death. If you are in the US and looking for a free death certificate, visit There is a list of states where a death could be registered. Click on the state and it should bring up a list of death certificates from the state that are available free of charge.

The majority of the time, you will need to pay for a death certificate. If you are in the UK, visit the government website where a death certificate can be ordered online or over the phone. You have been able to order certificates for births, marriages and deaths registered in England and Wales since 1837 through the General Register Office (GRO), or the local register office where the event took place. GRO can also supply certificates for some births, deaths and marriages registered overseas. All certificates are exact copies of the full record made at the time of death.

If you supply the certificate index reference, the certificate is sent within four working days. Without the reference, it will be sent within 15 working days. All standard service certificates, including each additional copy, cost £9.25. If you order by 16:00 on a working day, your certificate is sent the next working day by First Class post. Special Delivery options are only available on telephone orders. All priority service certificates, including each additional copy, cost £23.40.

The government website,, also provides a free downloadable template of a death certificate which explains what all the different sections mean and help you easily understand the certificate.
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You can get a death certificate from your local registry office. It is the same place that is responsible for both birth and marriage certificates too. It is not free however and if you live in England or Wales you can have the option of paying online. Usually the certificates are sent out fairly quickly once you have paid for them and it is fairly simple to get hold of them too.

If for whatever reason you cannot get into your local registry office then you can always contact the main office in Southport and they may be able to help you as they have every single record from around the country since the 1900's. However if the death has only happened within the last 18 months then you will need to contact the office where the death was registered to get a copy of the certificate.
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Contact either the health department in the county where the death was - or contact the funeral director at the funeral home which handled the arrangements -

Arkansas DC cost $10.00 for first and $8 each additional when ordered at the same time
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At your local health department.
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From our lover we can get death certificate while she appreciate for something means we are ready to take certificate.
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My sister-in-law passed away in 1980. We need a death certificate for financial matters. How do I get a free death certificate?
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Why can't I just get a free death certificate for a family member without being asked for a credit card number. You work your whole life and I think the least I should be able to find is a FREE DEATH CERTIFICATE.

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