How To Sponge My Criminal Record?


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Seems like a lot of dirt needs to be cleared up.  I think you meant expunged.  Rewrite your question.
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It's called expunge and you can ask your lawyer to write a letter to the court. You can also look online for a sample letter if you want to try it yourself.
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You can expunge your criminal record by looking online. It is very informative and can help you find the paperwork or hire an attorney or company.
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If u have a felony good luck even some misdeamenors will show up as arrested but not convicted

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Damn man, what have you done? In general, this is not my business.

In order to sponge your criminal record, you need a good lawyer. There are very few of them now.

A lot of people go to jurisprudence, but they are not ready for the responsibility and burdens that await them there, so they cannot last a year in this niche. It is because of this that there are so few good lawyers. But I know one excellent law group: These guys will help you sponge your criminal record

Contact them!;)

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Unless you were a juvenile at the time or were acquitted of the crime, nothing is going to happen to your record
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Worked in HR. Had one employee's rap sheet come back with an arrest (for grass) before he was 18. And a second entry saying the arrest record was expunged because he completed a diversion program. So expunged doesn't necessarily mean erased. .
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I had got into trouble before I was 18 and since I plead guilty the courts put it on my adult record..  I have never been in trouble other than this time

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