Is Hitting A Girl Against The Law?


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Putting your hands on another is against the law everywhere. The only time you should lay hands is in self defense or in love and kindness. There is enough negativity out there- you don't need to make it physical- ever.
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Screw you who ever thumbs downd me--- I'll kick yor ass!!!!
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Oh realy you wanna start a fight with a minor real mature GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It completely depends on your sex, age, motive  if you did this on purpose for a random reason and you're a guy then yes but if it's defense against a bully than no but if you're a parent (no matter what happened) than yes
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YES you dope it is against the law.You should never hit a girl or women if you did or do I hope she kicks the crap out of you.Hope you have learned something today.

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