Is It Against The Law To Hit A Girl?


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It's against the law to hit anyone - regardless of their gender.

The are only two occasions when you can legally harm another person:

  • When you're acting in self-defense
  • When engaging in a contact sport or other consensual activity
Even in these instances, there may a legal burden on you to prove that any injury you cause is within the limits set by legal precedent. 

Can you hit a woman?
Legally - hitting a woman would constitute assault. A conviction could lead to jail time, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Socially - hitting a woman is one of the most unacceptable crimes you could possibly commit.
It takes a particular blend of cowardice and stupidity to pick on someone who's unable to defend themself.

Men who choose to hit women tend to have insecurities that they're unable to deal with. That's why they choose to lash out at someone that they assume can't or won't fight back.

However, any woman who is assaulted by a man will have the full force of the law behind her.

Prosecutors and judges often have no sympathy for men who hit women - and will usually seek the maximum punishment available.
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First of all those are personal opinions.... There is no written law
that states a man hitting a woman is illegal the however the law does
state that you have the right to defend yourself.

With that being said I
believe that a man has every right to hit a woman in self defense
because, since we are talking about the law here, it is illegal for
anyone male or female to assault anybody else, so any woman who feels
the need to put their hands on a man because they feel that they cannot
get hit back deserves whatever comes to them.

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Yes, it is. It's against the law to hit anyone. Keep your hands to yourself. Only cowards hit girls.
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If a girl hits you to hurt you, then you have the right to hit her back in self defense. It doesn't look good, but it is not written in any book that if a boy hits a girl he will get charged if the girl strikes first.

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