How Long Does Someone Have To Press Charges On Another Person?


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If you have suffered personal injury because of medical malpractice, an automobile accident, unsafe premises, or any other cause, the time you have to file a lawsuit is limited. Once this time limit, or statute of limitations, has passed, you cannot press charges or sue for your injuries.

Each American state has its own statute of limitations, and you may have one year, two years, or more, depending on the state in which you live. Contact an attorney as soon as possible, since personal injury attorneys remain abreast of their state's statute of limitations.

Many states have specific time limits for different types of personal injury cases. Accidents involving product liability and wrongful death each have their own specifications; depending on state law and on the type of injury, if a minor is injured, the countdown for pressing charges typically does not begin until he or she turns eighteen18. On the other hand, medical malpractice may have a shorter time limit if a minor is involved.

Persons filing a claim against a federal, state, or local government entity or employee or affiliate must notify the government that charges are being filed within as few as sixty 60 days of the injury. This is termed the 'notice of claim'. For most personal injury claims, the time limit for pressing charges starts on the day of the event that caused the injury. Alternatively, under the "'discovery of harm"' rule, the statute of limitations begins when the injured became aware, or is recognisablyrecognizably aware if in a grave condition, of the injury and its cause. If you have suffered personal injury, you may be entitled to damages for your injury. However, your time for filing a claim is limited. Locate a skilled attorney in your area to make sure you meet your state's statute of limitations for pressing charges.
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Guy was packing his belongings to leave- told her that he was shutting cable and internet off- because it was in his name- she got pissed off and started hitting him and scratching him- she called the cops-
how long does he have to press charges against her-
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No answer. Need to know the answer to the question.
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In my opinion, it is better to file charges immediately after the incident to preserve as much evidence as possible.
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OK, my daughter works in a hospital for 2 yrs now and a patient accused her and another girl of taking 300 dollars, a week ago. The two girls were put on suspension, till the case was investigated. Nothing more was revealed but the head of nursing told them that if they both pay half the amount, the family would not press charges. However the girls keep on calling to find out what is going on and all they get from the nurse is that she is busy. She does not disclose whom to make payment to. Either one of the two girls have to admit taking money from the patient. Till that time, they are on suspension. Its been two weeks now, my daughter does not want to pay nothing as she did not take anything. She also has a child to support and does not need any charges against her .
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That really depends on the crime. A felony crime? or a misdemeanour crime? That could mean the difference between 48 hours and 5 years.

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