What Is The Statue Of Limitation Law On Rape? How Long Can Wait To Press Charges?


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Hey if there is the evidence and all and yea and his word against hers otherwise
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How long does a person have to press charges against someone for child molestation or statutory rape?
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I assume you mean the statute of limitations.  I do not know the precise answer to your question, but I do believe that it would be more than a year anywhere.  I suspect each state may have different rules, but a year is very little time.  Perhaps you will recall there have been stories in the news about priests being brought up on charges of child molestation and rape after more than 30 years.  I believe you'll find that this girl's parents are well within the statute of limitations on this.  If you are the other girl, I urge you to follow suit because when we let someone get away with stuff like this, we invite it to continue.  On the other hand, if you are someone involved with a perpetrator, please understand that this sort of thing does not happen only once.  It will happen again.  You would do best to remove yourself - if you are involved with such a person - from the situation.  Best of luck. 
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Granny is right. Follow through with the charges. In the case of statutory rape, as far as I know there is no limitation for filing.

Honestly, the sooner this person is behind bars, the safer others will be.

Keep in mind that rape can be difficult to prove without have a rape kit professionally performed at the time of the assault. That doesn't men they can't be prosecuted however.

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