What Are The Limitations Of Newtons Law?


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On microscopic objects:
Newton's law are not valid on the microscopic objects such as electrons, proton, neutron etc. This is because these particles have small masses but large velocities. When they move, they behave as wave.
Objects moving with large velocities:
The Newton's law does not valid on the objects moving with large velocities approaches to the speed of light, because at large velocities the mass of the objects increases.
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Newton's laws are pretty classic,they adapt to all macroscopical and low velocity object . But when it comes to microscopical  or the velocity of object is very very high, up to the velocity of light, the newton's laws are inapplicable. For example, when the velocity of a object is up to the light, its weight  can increase to  1.7times. Meanwhile, when study the microscopical objects, we should resort to the quantum mechanics. Hope it helps. Good luck!!!

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