What Are The Statue Of Limitations In Missouri?


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What are the statute of Limitations for a Missouri Personal Income tax debt? I amassed a large debt in 2003 and then lost my job and have been unable to pay the debt.
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The SOL for Missouri is 5 years but since the debt was acquired and went delinquent while living in TX, that SOL applies which is 4 years.  Either way, they can't make you pay.

Next time they call,you can tell them that the debt is past the statue of limitations for collection and that they should cease all communication with you immediately.

Read up on the FDCPA and the FCRA to know your rights.

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I have a lawyer in Salt Lake City saying I owe Sprint for a bill from 2002. Apparently a collector called Federal Pacific aquired it march of 2009. I have never been contacted by Federal Pacific. It does not appear on any of my credit reports. The lawyers office is trying to add 400.00 in finance charges to this bill. I told them at the law firm I needed the bill from Sprint and the contract that I signed. Can I be sued for this?
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What are the statue of limitations to collect on a credit card debt. The account is closed and purchased by a collections agency

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