What type of technology does law enforcements use to catch criminals?


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Some types of technology that are used by law enforcements to catch criminals are computers and cell phones. Computers have been used for years to assist police officers with background information on registered vehicles after moving violations have been committed. Cell phones are important because people can use a software program called Tip-Soft® to report a crime. In conclusion
Law enforcements use current technology to catch criminals. These technologies have been proven helpful many times to catch criminals.
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Your Welcome CJ. I find this to be a very fasinating subject. I'm glad I got to share my knowledge with you and the rest of the world :)
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What a fascinating topic!..Who would have thought that by licking the envelope of a letter of threat, could lead to the perpetrator faster by these DNA factors, the fluids, especially, and the techniques which defy time to unravel murders are all great factors in forensic law.  Good Stuff.

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