What Is Misc. En Router In Terms Of Law Enforcement?


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Unfortunately there is no clear definition available online for the term ‘Misc. Enrouter’ however it does indicate that it is an offence. You need to keep in mind that there are so many abbreviated terms within law enforcement that carry various meanings in order to save time for police and it can be difficult to understand the jargon. However, there are simple ways to decipher them.

If you are reading through a police report and want to find the meaning of some terms then you could access . This website will generate the meanings to abbreviated law enforcement terms which may refer to suspects’ age, race, ethnicity, gender, vehicles, suspicious behaviour, crimes, drugs, weapons, community agencies, crime scene details, medical conditions and so on. Unfortunately the term you requested the meaning of was not in the online records of this website.

You may also want to access the database of US Law Enforcement Abbreviations and Acronyms via the Accuracy Project online, where you can look up the abbreviated term you desire. In addition, you could try and search through the International Law Enforcement Abbreviations and Acronyms online which is also through the Accuracy Project. This website will list the terms in alphabetical order and will identify which country the term is attributed to. There are 284 acronyms that are commonly used by the British police force, and consider looking through website Police999 which explains UK abbreviations by current and retired police officers. Moreover, you could read the book ‘Basic Police Report Writing’ by Allen Z. Gammage which contains chapters regarding all the common abbreviations used by the police. You can purchase it or download it for free from the Internet Archive website.

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