Is It True That Pilgrims Were Criminals That Were Kick Out Of Europe?


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According to historian Dr. Ivan Sertima..yes  The so called Pilgrims were criminals in England. There was no more room in the jails so they were sent off in ships to fend for themselves because England wanted no part of them. Probably explains the horrible things that they did to the Indians.
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There are different myths about the Pilgrims that arrived from Europe to the United States. Historically they are recorded as Pilgrims sent for Spread of Christianity and settling of a colony in America by order of King James. However, some facts go against this. Like the first colony of English speaking people was Jamestown that was established for trade not for religion. They are also considered as Puritans kicked out of England for their strict beliefs. So as long as this world remains, there will be stories about it.
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Christopher columbus wasn't a prisoner, but the majority of his crew were prisoners, because that's all the king would give him
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No, Pilgrims were kicked out of Europe for their weird religious beliefs.

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