Can workmen/repairmen after completing their work (saying goodbye and done for the day) come back in the apartment? Can they enter and walk into a bed room where I was undressing?


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No. If they have left the job site for the day and then return without reason and let themselves in they have broken in. Unless they forgot a tool or something they shouldn't be there at all but they should never show up or enter unannounced regardless of the reason.
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Call the police and report the break in. Then call the company that sent the men and ask for the number of the owner and ask who their lawyer is. Call the BBB and report them. Then call a good injury lawyer and sue them for pain and suffering due to the violation of your home (that would cause fear and insecurity in almost anyone). Lastly write a negative report about them online at Angie's List and/or similar websites. These things will vary from place to place depending on local laws.
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(continuation) Do your part and follow this through till the end, not just for your peace of mind but also the safety of others. I have no idea what they are up to but I'd bet it isn't good because their actions were (use these quotes) "suspicious and menacing".
The last thing anyone needs is a burglary or violent home invasion.
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The repairmen can't get into your apartment after they completed their work. That's more likely to be a break-in since it's definitely not okay. First of all, you need to call the police and tell them about the whole situation. In general, the person above wrote everything pretty detailed, and I think you should do everything they wrote about. Also, I'd recommend you install some kind of security system. For example, I have in my office, and you can try it for your home.

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