If A Misdemeanor Bench Warrant Is Issued, Will It Follow Somebody To A Different State?


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I have a bench warrant in colorado for a unpaid drug ticket(which I paid, I mailed the payment in because the day I went to personally take it to them they were closed and I was moving the next day to florida)  Now I find out 3 years later that I have a warrant for failure to pay.  I have been pulled over I have had 2 job background checks done, and they even revalidated the warrant last september.  I even got pulled over the day before I left right outside my apartment in colorado and the cop told me since it was denver county(I was in arapahoe) that he couldn't do anything to me but I need to pay(which I preceeded to tell him I just mailed the payment because they were closed) the only way you need to worry about depends on the charge you had and if you go back to not only the state but the county it was issued.
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Warrants do not automatically disappear they will follow you wherever you go, no matter which state you reside in. The fact that it is a misdemeanor may not have the law actually come to the other state to arrest you but the warrant will always remain unless it is satisfied in court.
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If I'm not mistaken, misdemeanor bench warrants are local, not national.
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Yes you can fly,do anything you want,but the bench warrant means you are wanted and they are not going to chase you down but will pick you up whereever they find you,it would be better to turn yourself in and get whatever it is cleared up.
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Iv had a bench warrent in indiana whitch is like 10 min from where I live whitch is in ky, and I even went to jail a couple times in ky while having the warrent in idiana and they have never said a word
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It will be there and if you get pulled over or are involved with the police in any way it will come up when they run your name, but it would be up to the state that has the warrant whether they want to spend the money to come and get you.
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If you are stopped and your license is run it can
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I have a bench warrant for a misdemeanor in the state next door. I have been over here for 3yrs and have been pulled over , and they have not said a word. Even 5 min from the border. I intend to pay this off and clear it up, soon. It won't go away until it's taken care of. It kinda sucks, cause I have friends in that state , and I don't risk driving there.
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Yes you can. But if you go that state and you get pulled over, it is possible they can arrest you for that warrant. I went to colorado w/ a warrant in oklahoma, and I had no problems
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They could but it is a misdemeanor. It is unlikely they will catch it. I do not think there is anything in airport security that automatically checks passengers for out standing warrants. But I could be wrong about this. If they did not arrest him how does he know there is a warrant for him. If it is shown that he knew of this and fled the state to get away from it. Then he could be charged for a much serious crime that could be felony. The best thing he can do is to just turn himself in and deal with the charges. He cannot run all his life if he stays in the states. They will get him sooner or later. Then it will be much worse.

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