What Is The Best Type Of Lawyer?


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The best one of them : He/she can do and know how to do for a client, I mean he/she can achieve an affair perfectly and honest, as it's important, if no, we can loose much money and the affair is not achieved yet.

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Honesty is indeed a very important quality for any
attorney. But if we talk about a criminal lawyer, then it is crucial that the
attorney you choose has experience dealing with your specific type of cases. Other
characteristics are knowledgeable, resourceful and reliable. It’s necessary
that you can count on the lawyer any time, so that you can call him/her with
any questions you may have and would get a quality answer in return.
Additionally, it’s great when you feel extremely comfortable with the person.

By the way, this is
the kind of medicaid fraud lawyer I used to deal with.

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Roy Novak answered

When you are talking about the lawyer, the first and foremost points that comes to my mind is the honesty and dedication towards this clients. Every lawyer is best in their work if they are honest and know how he can do better for his clients.

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If by best you mean the highest paid lawyers,then mostly the corporate lawyers get the most pay.They can get as much as 300 to 500 dollars per hour.

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