Is There Any Way To Speed Up Child Support Enforcement?


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Will Martin answered
All you can really do is ask the worker in charge of your case to give you more information about how long the process is likely to take, and if there is any delay, ask for some contact details where you can ask about why the case is taking so long. But they do tend to be very slow.
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There is no way to speed it up....they will tell you they have to follow procedure.....the non custodial parent gets all the time in the ex is over 15 grand behind.  They sent him a reminder letter that he needs to pay support...then 30 days later they will send another requesting support...then 30 days later another letter with the intent to suspend drivers license...then 30 days later another letter to let him know his license will be suspended in 30 days...all he has to do is go in and sign an agreement stating he will pay by a certian date, and guess what the process starts all over again...a letter stating you didnt make your payment, then 30 days later a request for a apayment..etc etc. I have to call numerous times, and I get told PROCEDURE PROCEDURE...if he makes a 50.00 payment that will also reset the computer, and the letter process starts all over again...finally 6 months later he gets a letter of contempt hearing.  We go to court he gets told make a purge payment of 500.00 and then we play the waiting game yet again....he has 30 days to make that payment, he gets a letter reminding him he didnt make it, then the letter asking for it, then the letter about suspension of DL, it is all BULL S%IT.  He never gets any jail time, and then he gets to make a purge payment and we get to sit back and wait for a 20-50 dollar payment....because he thinks he should not have to pay any support.....the whole syatem needs to be over hauled...and we need stiffer punishments for non payers.

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